BIBBA is dedicated to sustainable beekeeping through bee breeding and education. We are affiliated with our good friends in the UK at


Our monthly meetings are the last Saturday of each month at the town of Plattekill Public Library at 6pm. On rte. 32 just south of rte. 44/55 in Modena. We offer many other programs, such as our mid month teleconferences, year long training program, and run a series of workshops throughout the season.


We salute those of you who have heard an inner calling to participate and take on the stewardship of this magnificent creation. Beginning beekeepers have a challenge ahead of them, and in these challenging times for our environment, bees too are challenged. Beginners are advised to read our statement on purchasing bees here. You are not alone but your preliminary decisions can have undesirable consequences. We recommend buying local bees from local beekeepers through the clubs and associations.


We believe much of Bee Improvement is done through education both of beginners and the general public. Understanding the biology and nature of the bees will help you establish a best for you management strategy. We salute our friends practicing classic beekeeping and those who are taking a treatment free path. We agree and practice both models and strongly urge you to think it through prior to committing. There is no such thing as natural beekeeping or biodynamic beekeeping. These are myths perpetrated by the misguided.  There is nothing natural about keeping bees in a box. You can use organic sugar or make teas but so what?  Natural can only be applied to the Treatment or feeding, not how you treat the bees. Treatment free is not touch free, nor for beginners in our opinion as it requires a keen experienced eye, and a knowledge of bees. We encourage you to educate yourself, and prove things out.  Check out for most answers. Thanks to RP for managing that incredible site.


Our research in management, nutrition, hive styles, Bee breeding, and beecology, are cutting edge. As we experiment, discover, and prove better ways to  manage the apiary we will share our findings, as well as others who are like minded.


Since we have no inspectors program from the state, this year we are starting our inspectors program, offering inspection services for Orange and Ulster Counties.


This year will be offering queens at a reduced rate for requeening imported stock such as packages and other non local bees. Our genetics are open mated carniolans. We will have treatment free queens and standard management queens available. The treatment free queens are for more advanced beekeepers wishing to start introducing resistant queens lines into their apiaries.

Queen Rearers
We would like to invite all local queen rearers to our advanced queen breeding program please drop a line. We believe that locally adaptive stock will out perform imported bees and that as breeders together we can much more. We can alleviate genetic limitations by working with a group of dedicated breeders sharing proven genetic stock.

Our work defines us.

If you would like to support the team we have shares in our hives available, honey for sale and gratefully accept donations. We do not charge for our intro classes or have fees for our school. We do this for the bees in the hope some of you will exceed us and usher in a better way. Till then it’s us, and our friends.