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Hands-on training and mentoring in sustainable beekeeping methodologies for our local environment.  This class is ideal for first time beekeepers and 1st/2nd year novice beekeepers.  This is the perfect opportunity for new beekeepers to get hands on exposure to working with bees before getting their own bees. This class is taught by Hudson Valley Bee Improvement.  Instructors have decades of experience and are on the forefront of sustainable beekeeping efforts.  See additional details below.

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This course spans one beekeeping season and will consist of 11 webinar classes and 9 hands-on field classes.  Classes will start in March and run through November.  Webinar classes will be held online and field classes will be in an education bee yard in Accord, NY.

Students will be mentored in proper handling and protocols for inspecting hives and learn to observe critical factors in bee colony health.

Once students become comfortable handling bees, they will learn Mel Disselkoen’s ‘On the Spot’ queen rearing method and make their own nuc(s) to be raised in the education bee yard.   Student will continue to care for their nuc(s) through the summer and observe proper hive growth.  As summer winds down they will learn fall mite treatment and winter prep.  At the end of summer, they will take their nuc(s) home and prepare their apiary for winter.

Each  student will end up with two 10-frame polystyrene hives(new equipment) fully ready for their first winter.

Class will be limited to assure proper hands on training and one on one mentoring.  A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to assure a spot. Payment plans available.

Fee $1400 which includes two 10-frame colonies to be taken home when comfortable


3/22 webinar
4/5 webinar
4/19 webinar
4/28 field
5/10 webinar
5/12 field
5/31 webinar
6/2 field Take home day
6/21 webinar
6/23 field
7/12 webinar
7/14 field
8/2 webinar
8/4 field
9/6 webinar
9/8 field
10/4 webinar
10/6 field
11/1 webinar
11/3 field

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2 reviews for Season long Hands-on Learning Beekeeping – Deposit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bill (verified owner)

    Rob and Tom have a very interesting idea. They intend to develop a honeybee that is strongly and healthily suited to the Hudson Valley/Catskill regions. It can be done by teaching beekeepers proven sustainable ways, and by focusing on new/novice/less experienced beekeepers, those just starting out. These sustainable ways will be spread. No southern bees, just locally adapted bees, healthy and happy. We have cold winters. Sometimes a dearth of bee resources. You will learn. It will take you several years to gain the knowledge knowledge presented in this class, the class speeds this up, hands on, in the apiary, handling bees of your own, take them home at the end of the class. Be ready, it takes a commitment, but is well worth it. You gotta want it. You won’t know everything there is to know, as with bees, they have a mind of their own. But you will have fun, learn to raise some bees, keep them healthy, maybe get some honey, meet some wonderful people and join a great community with bees as the focus, and life at the center. Trust the Bees.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Britta Muehlbach

    We were part of the 2017 inaugural season-long bee-keeping class with Rob and Tom. We were in our second year, somewhat stumbling though our first year with one hive in 2016. After this summer-long, hands-on course with other wonderful novice beekeepers, we didn’t just learn so much, but also feel so much more connected to the life in the hive and that much more comfortable handling the bees. Tom and Rob’s passion for bees is highly infectious, and I think we all feel grateful to them for sharing their knowledge with us. If you are thinking about becoming part of the local beekeeper’s community, this is the place to start!!

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