Spring Symposium

April 2 location tbd Bee improvement for all
Beeing self sufficient, making Nucs , evaluating your hives, nutrition,
Thinking more like a bee, Beecology, getting ready for winter, spring maintenance, breaking the brood cycle, expansion cycle. Running double Nucs for honey production, horizontal stacking.

April 9 Setting up an apiary.
environmental choices, dowsing and using natures magnetic lines to locate hives, bear fencing, windbreaks, stacking, moving hives. We will build a new yard from scratch.

April 16. Am Graft-less queen rearing
We will go through the three most practical methods and demonstrate the Hopkins and notching method on location, using the Cloake board, and the Wallace tri nuc cell builder.
Pm. Nicot/Jenter cup system
Cloake board queen rearing

April 23. Am. Making Nucs, Requeening
Using queen cells for Nucs, requeening, virgins.

Please note these dates for field classes are dependent on weather and temperature. We are optimistic about this years winter ending a bit early. We may decide to move these into later weeks. Remember beekeeping is more like a dance, you have to follow the bees lead.

Summer Symposium
June 18 Taking stock, combining hives, requeening post solstice,
Farewell to the expansion cycle, overwintering starts now, overwinter nuc strategy.
Mite treatments reviewed,