Fall Meet Up

 Howdy Folks,

As many of you know we have disbanded the monthly meetings in favor of a quaterly meetup which would allow for a more indepth review of a topic.   For our first quaterly meetup, our topic is varied, but will give much to consider in this off season. We will look at what it means to keep bees in a difficult eco system such as ours, and how possibly through genetics, alternative management, supplementation we can insure our colonies of a best chance scenario. Little is spoken of the beekeepers bond to their bees and this is a missing aspect of management and supplementation. 

We have several guests from our local wealth of beekeepers and have purposely chosen them for their spirit of beekeeping. 


•  Tom Sotiridy - The mirror of the hive. Organizational strategies of  bees based on genetics, windfalls and stresses. 

•  Rich Hines  - Arm chair observations, confessions and insights of a non invasive beekeeper. 

• Raymond DuBois - Beekeeping as a transcendent vehicle, Ray's unique experience of what the bees have given him.

• Rob Overton  - Thermodynamics - How the beekeeper has it all wrong. 

• Tom Sotiridy  - This seasons summary, let us praise not so famous beekeepers, the invisible earth energies, thoughts from a  dowser. Intuition as a beekeepers best friend. Is the missing component in our grace, or lack of. 

• Round Table discussion - The best parts of beekeeping are not in the books, what did you find this year.

• Wrap up - thoughts on going forward, next years projects.

Meeting Details

When - Saturday November 18th

Where - Plattekill Public Library, rte 32 Modena, NY

Time - 4 - 7 PM


Previously Recorded Teleconferences

Recordings of previous guest speakers can be found at: